Getting into a positive mindset and how I plan to do that.

Right now most of us are feeling pretty shit because of the current situation and I am no exception. My mental health has completely deteriorated over the last couple of months and while I know a positive mindset isn’t going to act as a magical cure-all, it is a step in the right direction.

Now different people will get themselves into positive mindsets in different ways and it will never be the same way for everybody. We are all different people and so it is only natural that the same things will not work for everybody; that is why this post is not me giving you guys advice on how to get into a positive mindset, but sharing how intend to.

I would also like to point out that if you don’t feel ready to try and attempt a positive mindset … that’s okay too. This isn’t something that you can just decide to do. Your brain has to be in a place where it feels it is ready for it and that isn’t something that we have any control over.

It has taken me years to get to the point where I feel ready, but now that I am … I want to share my plan with you.

Sorting out a sleeping schedule:- I guarantee that you have probably heard this thousands of times, but sleep is important; it not only allows you to physically heal but mentally too. I am often in bed really late and then up incredibly early which is not going to do me any favours. I am determined from now on to be in bed by 11pm and then up at 8; this will ensure I am getting an adequate amount of rest but still awake early enough to enjoy the mornings that I love.

Read more – Reading is something that I have always loved and will always love. It allows me to get out of my brain for an hour or so and it also does a great job of encouraging me to sleep. However, recently I have been totally neglecting my books and it’s about time I picked them up again. I have set myself the goal of reading at least 30 pages a day; I know that isn’t a lot … but it is a start and will give my brain a little daily break.

Going on walks – Now I know we are on lockdown right now and we are all stuck in … but I was keeping myself locked away before all of this started. We are still allowed to go on a daily walk which is something I think I am going to start taking advantage of; it will slowly get me used to going back outside again and I can get some exercise in.

Affirmations – This is a completely new idea to me and I have no idea if it will make any difference … but I want to try. I just love the idea of waking up in the morning and reading something positive; I think it will set a good tone for the entire day which is so important. Starting the day as I mean to go on.

Interact more with my blogging community – Every time I interact with one of you guys or talk with a fellow blogger on Twitter … it instantly lifts my mood. Everybody is incredibly supportive and it makes a massive difference knowing that I have people to talk to but I need to do it more. I have started posting more on Twitter and on my Instagram in an effort to gain more communication with you guys; please never hesitate to chuck a message or respond to something I post. It makes my day.

I know there is a lot more that I need to do to achieve the mindset I want, but for now … I am starting small and working my way up.

I know I will get there eventually.

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  1. Nice one paige.

  2. Maya says:

    Love this! Definitely need to fix my sleep schedule

    1. Don’t we all sweetheart xx

  3. Wonderful tips, loved the post!

    1. Awww thank you ? xx

  4. Great post! The tips are very useful!

  5. These are great ways to start off positive. I want to try these too, even though due to what I have going on my thoughts race all night making me miss most mornings because I’m up all night

    1. My brain does exactly the same sweetie. It is awful xx

  6. Positive affirmations and reading are the two things I’ve been meaning to work on and you just reminded me again. It makes a big difference right now. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Aaww I’m glad they reminded you!! It truly is important right now xx

  7. I really enjoyed this blog, very brave!

    1. Awww thank you sweetheart xx

  8. I just read this blog but I love it! Having a positive attitude helps so much and you have suggested simple yet effective ways of doing that!! I sent you a message on instagram btw 🙂

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