I turned 21!

Hey M’lovelies,

So, a lot of you that follow my blog regularly will know that my birthday was recently (October 29th) and I turned the big 21. Naturally, I thought let’s write a post about it and my plans for my 21st year because people will definitely give a shit about that … right? Well tough because I’m doing it anyway.

It feels so weird to say that I’m now officially into the start of my adult life. When I was 20 I could still kinda fit into the teenage age bracket and teenage-like behaviour is still expected from 20-year-olds (on less extreme level). Now, I feel like I’m considered an actual adult and supposed to have the maturity that comes with that. However, I am so excited for what my twenties will bring me because I do believe that’s when life really starts. Most of the big events you go through in life will happen during those years and you grow into who you’re truly supposed to be.

My birthday this year was a very quiet affair but that was exactly what I wanted. I had a group of my friends around the flat for some pizza (it was two for Tuesday … I had to!) and then we headed to karaoke which was pretty dead but my friends made it insanely fun. Particularly my friend Dan, who is usually very quiet, because he’d had a few drinks and was screaming off the top of his lungs to ‘Bassline Junkie”.

However, the highlight of my birthday was when I was in work visiting one of my fresher flats (officially we aren’t supposed to have favourites … but they’re definitely the favourites) and they had decorated the flat with balloons and baked me cupcakes. I have never wanted to bawl my eyes out so much because it was such a thoughtful gesture and I will never forget it.

Now, I thought I would share my goals for my 21st year with you guys.

Take better care of myself – I know for a fact there certain ways in which I need to improve when it comes to taking care of myself. An example of that being that I never drink enough water which is affecting my ability to concentrate properly and probably contributes my insomnia as well.

Blog more frequently – Recently, I have been letting things get on top of me which means that I have been neglecting things that I really love doing.  I haven’t really done anything that I love to do if I’m being honest. However, I have a lot of posts preplanned for the blog and they are ones that I am incredibly proud off, I can not wait for you to read them.

Be consistent with my bullet journal – Bullet journaling is one of my favourites things on the planet, but I have certainly been falling behind on creating new weekly spreads and coming up new spread ideas. December will be an amazing month for spreads because Christmas requires so much planning.

I didn’t want to set too many goals for myself because I’m a firm believer in doing a small bit at a time. However, I am very deadset on sticking to the ones that I have set myself because I truly believe it will make a difference.

I hope you guys have enjoyed this post. Monday marks the start of my Christmas posts which I am so incredibly excited for and I hope you are all going to love them!

Paige x

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  1. Blog Hopping today. Happy Birthday!

    1. Aww thank you! X

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