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Keeping Positive on Social Media

For years now we have lived in a world dominated by social media and this has had a severely negative impact on people’s mental health. I constantly find myself coming away from my phone feeling rubbish because we are in a world now where there is always someone else to compare yourself to. “Oh I wish my hair was like Sophie’s”, “why can’t I have a figure like Gemma” or even “if only my relationship was like Tommy and Molly’s”.  

We all tell ourselves that we know we shouldn’t believe everything that we see online, but those thoughts can’t be helped (if any of you guys know how to control them, let me know because I need that magic in my life). However, there are things we can do to limit our exposure to things that make us feel a bit crap. I want to share some of those with you today. 

How to keep positive on social media  

Unfollow – You are under absolutely no obligation to follow anyone. If there is a certain account continuously making you feel bad, then unfollow them. You don’t need it in your life. If it’s a friend, one unintentionally making you feel bad, that you don’t feel you can unfollow then mute them. That way you don’t have to see their content and they won’t have a clue you’ve done it.  

Don’t use photo editors – If you edit your images too heavily, you will expect to see the edited version of yourself in the mirror. You’ll be setting those standards for yourself, and it will send your self-esteem plummeting to the ground.  

Scrolling through social media

Lead by example – I personally don’t post anything on my Instagram that I wouldn’t want to see myself.  When planning my own posts, I think about the kind of posts that make me feel bad and post the opposite (insert joke about only having 3 Insta posts here). The likelihood is that if it makes you feel bad, then it might make some of your followers feel bad too.  

Research accounts before you follow them – before you decide to follow an account, do some research. Find out what kind of content they post and what the owner stands for. That way you can make an informed decision on whether it may upset you.  

Don’t engage with negative comments – No matter what, there will always be someone with something bad to say. You’re best off not engaging with them. Delete the comment, block the profile and enjoy replying to the lovely comments instead. I know that this is easier said than done because nasty comments can really leave a mark, but I know from experience that it does come with practice.   

So there it is

Spend this week going through your social media and incorporating the suggested changes above. I promise that you’ll notice yourself having a much positive time on social media and that will have a real positive impact on your life.  

If you can think of anything I’ve missed or wish to expand on anything I’ve said then please comment below.  

See you next week! Until then you can check out my last post here if you missed it! 

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