Let’s get organised.

Hey M’lovelies,

Now I know that everybody is going through an incredibly difficult time right now with the horrific outbreak of COVID19 and nothing seems important anymore. But while you are staying at home and doing your part to protect yourselves and others, it is vital that you remember to take care of your mental health too.

Most of us are going to be finding anything that we possibly can to keep ourselves occupied and that means completing all of those menial tasks that we’ve been avoiding. Today’s post is going to be about getting a little bit of organisation going on and not necessarily because you have to … but because you can’t think of anything you need or want to do.

90% of the things I am going to mention are going to seem completely pointless but if you’re anything like me … you’ll get some satisfaction from seeing thing just be a little more in order.  I repeat, these are simply things to pass time and NOT remotely important. If you can’t be bothered (and who could blame you) or would rather chill on the couch cuddled up, watching Netflix … then that’s perfectly okay too.

That being said, let us jump in.


  • Start that bullet journal. 

I know many people who always say to me that they have been wanting to start a bullet journal, but they don’t have the time or are not creative.

However, bullet journals do not have to take up that much time and they certainly do not have to be creative which I know because I do not have an artistic bone in my body. I add a bit of colour to headings and outlines but that is as far as it goes, I am all about function.

Everyone knows I love my bullet journal (because I don’t shut up about it.) and I truly believe they are the best way to keep on top of everything. They are totally tailored to you and the best way to maximise your productivity.

Head over to my Instagram (@paigebwrites) to see my April set up and hopefully gain some spread inspiration.


  • Don’t need, want or use it … chuck it. 

I don’t feel like this one really needs to much explaining but if have no use for something then what is the point in keeping it?

Go through all those boxes under the bed, the bags of crap in the attic and the draws that contain God knows what.  Separate them into piles of stuff to keep, donate or throw away, it may seem like effort but you’ll be glad when it is done.

please donate where possible instead of throwing it away because the likelihood is that somebody else will have a use for it. If you do have a lot to throw away then bag it up ready but wait until this has all died down to actually throw it; our services have enough going on right now and we don’t want to create extra work for them.


  • Get folding.

I am sure that most of us have our pyjamas stuffed into the draw and the towel rack we neatly organised when we got it isn’t looking too hot right now.

Just folding things like your bedding, pyjamas and the clothes that won’t quite fit in the wardrobe, will automatically make things look a lot neater.

It may seem like a pointless task but you’ll be glad when it is done.


  • Cluttered desktop? … Yeah, me too. 

Most our desktops are gonna be covered in so much shit and we arent going to have a clue what most of it is for.

Trash anything that you know you’re never going to need again and then pop the rest into some categorised folders. You will know exactly where everything is and you’ll no longer have to search through hundreds of documents to find the right one.


  • File all of those important documents away.

There are so many important documents that we need to keep, such as bank statements and legal certificates, that it can sometimes be tough to keep on top of them.

The likelihood is that we all have them stored somewhere but they’re a nightmare to navigate because they’re all mixed up.  Buy yourself a divided storage folder, categorise each section and then pop the appropriate documents into the right category.

while you may not need them often, you will know they are safe and you will exactly where to find them when needed.


They are just 5, easy, things that you can do to feel a little bit more put together and have your life made just a little easier.

Before I end this post, I would just like to say a massive thank you to EVERYBODY who is an essential worker for putting themselves at risk to make sure we have some semblance of a normal life. Thank you to our NHS workers for working tirelessly for help beat this horrific disease and for continuing to save lives. Finally, thank you to everybody doing their bit by staying at home and reducing the risk to those around you.

If you are refusing to stay at home and are not taking this seriously then please reconsider your decision because you could be responsible for helping this virus spread. Make good decisions.

To those who are currently suffering from the virus, I pray for your quick recovery and send my condolences to the loved ones of those sadly taken during this pandemic.

I hope you guys have enjoyed this post and I will be posting a lot more frequently during all of this to hopefully give people a rest.

With love,

Paige x










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  1. Love these tips Paige! I’m such a hoarder and can’t get rid of stuff I know I don’t need when I’m declutter it, time to get rid!!x

  2. Mairead says:

    These are great ideas, Paige. I’m loving the folding stuff one – it’s strangely satisfying ?

    1. It really is isn’t it! X

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