The best tips I can give.

Yes, I am aware that the title is a tiny bit ambiguous but I couldn’t summarise this post in a catchy way. Is that maybe a sign that this was not a good post idea? … possibly, but we are doing it anyway.

As my blog begins to shuffle into more lifestyle territory, I figured why not compile a list of all the random tips that I could possibly give. Now when I say random … I do mean random. These little tips/bits of advice are going to have absolutely nothing to do with each other but the aim is for them to all make a difference in your life even if it’s just in small ways.

There is a good chance that a large majority of you are already doing a lot of what I say. If that is the case, I’m so glad that I’m not alone in doing them and that they’re going to others too.

Right, let’s get to it.

Use freezer bags, you don’t need the boxes – This is mainly for people with limited freezer space but anyone could benefit from it. Boxes take up a lot of room in freezers and it really isn’t needed. Freezers bags usually come with a section where you can write all of the instructions, so you can still maintain all the information. Write the instructions, pop the item in the bag and freeze away but don’t forget to recycle the box. You will honestly be so surprised by the amount of space that you will save by doing this.

Moisturise and exfoliate your body – A lot of people seem to focus on just the face and forget that the body needs a bit of love too. Using a good body scrub once or twice a week, Soap and Glory is my favourite, can honestly transform your skin. I noticed a massive reduction in the bumpy texture of my skin and the visible dry patches disappeared … especially on my legs. I really don’t need to explain how my body has benefited from the moisturiser as it has done exactly what you’d expect. If you don’t already do this then start … you will not regret it. Your smooth and silky soft skin will thank you.

Once a week is generally a good rule of thumb for most housework – There are so many jobs that need doing around the house with some needing to be done more frequently than others. A once a week rule for things like bedroom hoovering, dusting and bathroom cleaning is generally a good way to keep on top of things. Things like wiping down the kitchen worktops will need doing a bit more than that and things like oven cleaning can be left a lot longer… but the rule works for most. This may seem obvious to anyone who’d been taking control of their own home for a while, but you would be surprised how many student and people who’ve just moved out that are still finding their ropes.

Write it down as you go – keeping on top of things that you need to do or remember can be a right pain … especially when creating shopping lists. Most people sit down before they head out shopping and try to remember every thing that they need, but always forget something. The way to combat this is when you notice you are running low or think to yourself ‘right … I’ll get that when I go shopping’ … write it down straight away. Type it in the notes on your phone or a notebook before you have chance to forget.

Check if your bank has a ‘save the change’ option for savings accounts – A lot of banks have the option for you to ‘save the change’ into your savers account. What this basically means is that your account will round up every purchase you make to the nearest pound and put the ‘change’ in your savers. So say you spend £16.45 in Primark, I’ll round it to £17 and the 55p that didn’t go to Primark goes into your savers automatically. Now I now this may seem pointless as it’s only a few pence each time but it all adds up. At the end of the month you could easily have saved £30 from things like food shops and other general spending. Enough to treat yourself to a little something or you could always leave it there to build up.

Pinterest is great for everything – There are lots of apps/websites out there that claim to be useful but they rarely actually are. Pinterest is the one website that I actually find helpful because it covers almost everything you could possibly need. It’s a great place to look for inspiration for things like weddings, Bedroom redesigns and storage hacks but it is also amazing for things like recipies and how-to guides. Anything you could possibly hope to find is on there because a lot of people link their incredibly useful blog posts on there. Instead of scowering the first page of Google … scower pinterest.

Those are just a handful of tips that I have for you guys and I really hope that you actually benefit from them.

Please let me know what you think below and I’m excited for my adventure into lifestyle territory.

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  1. Hannah Louise Blog says:

    Glad i’m not the only one who appreciates how good freezer bags are haha!

    1. Total space savers!!! Xx

  2. These are great tips!!! I’m so bad about giving my body love along with my face!! It was good to get a reminder LOL!!

    1. Awww in so glad you like it ? I’m guilty of neglecting the body and often need to remind myself xx

  3. This is solid advice! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Glad you liked it ? xx

  4. enjoy all those ideas! especially Pinterest is really great one!!

    1. Awww I’m glad ❤ pinterest really is amazing xx

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