Why I will no longer be using the term ‘beauty influencer’ or ‘beauty community’.

Hi there m’lovlies.

I know it’s been a while and I don’t really have any excuses apart from the fact that I have been in a bit of a creative rut and assignment season kicked my ass. I don’t have a full plan of where I want this blog to go and I know I’m feeling a little bit more stable but there is no telling how long that will last.

I’m just hoping for the best.

Today I wanted to talk to you guys about something that’s been playing on my mind for a little while and why I find the terms ‘beauty influencer’ and ‘beauty community’ quite problematic. It isn’t the terms ‘influencer’ or ‘community’ that I have a problem with but the association that they have with ‘beauty’.

Placing the word ‘beauty’ in front of those two words is suggesting that beauty comes through following trends set by people. That somebody has the power to influence how people see beauty or what it means to be beautiful.

Now I do not believe for a second that anybody has any malicious intentions when using these terms; or that people who are ‘beauty influencers’/ members of the ‘beauty community’ set out to cause any harm, or aim to do anything other than help people feel more confident through makeup and skin care.

However, as human beings we naturally hear the term ‘influencer’ and think that means that they are leaders/teachers or that we need to do what they do in order to be that way. So how else is our brain supposed to respond when we hear the term ‘beauty influencer’.

Those usually given that title are those who run a YouTube channel or Instagram page that focuses on the latest makeup, skincare or grooming trends. This further enhances our feelings that in order to be beautiful we have to wear makeup or always have our nails perfect.

Now I am a huge makeup lover and I do feel more confident when I wear it but I don’t feel like you have to wear it in order to be ‘beautiful’. I’m sure that nobody in the ‘community’ does either but that is the association with it now. Make-up + perfect skin + being perfectly groomed = beauty. Right? Wrong.

I personally feel like the terms ‘makeup influencer’ or ‘makeup community’ would far more accurately describe what it is about. There is nothing wrong with teaching the latest makeup trends or being passionate about it but we need to put that disassociation from beauty in place.

There are definitely people out there on social platforms that go above and beyond to make sure that their viewers/followers never get the two crossed. A perfect example is ‘Sophdoeslife’ who is a massive part of the reason I decided to write this post. She is constantly making sure that her viewers know makeup is just a bit of fun and nobody should feel like they have to wear it. She often puts the term ‘beauty influencer’ in air quotations too.

I hope you guys see my points in this post and all have a fantastic week. Remember, beauty is not something that can be influenced and it is not defined by looking a certain way or following trends.

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