Welcome to The Little Picture.  

I’m P, a 23-year-old writer, mug enthusiast, and sarcastic short-arse from Wales. I have recently graduated university with a BA in Creative Writing and plan to use this to pursue teaching.  

Writing and reading are a huge part of my life and there are so many forms I have connected with; I love screenwriting, poetry and fiction and wish to pursue them professionally.  

I have a passion for all things lifestyle and beauty, which is exactly what you guys are going to see on this blog. Embroidery, baking, skincare and even organisation techniques are all things that I am going to be discussing here with you (and other things too of course!). 

I welcome all comments, emails and feedback, so please don’t hesitate to contact me.  

Happy reading! 

My posting schedule  

I’m currently still easing my way back into blogging so for now, I will only be posting once a week. For now, it is every Wednesday at 4pm BST.  

My socials

Instagram – Thelittlepictureblog

Twitter – LittlePicblog

Meet Our Editor

Hi I’m Tom! I’m a 28-year-old from North London. I’ve joined The Little Picture to do proof-reading and general editing for P. 

I enjoy reading & writing SF and Fantasy, playing video games and a good cup of tea. I primarily write fiction, but also enjoy writing film/ video game reviews and features on my website commentunrelated.com  

I can also be found on the blue bird app under the incredibly imaginative @tomaugood